The Big Chill...Bleak

This morning it was 9 degrees when I got out of my car to walk through the snow.  Although I know it would be easier to use my snowshoes, I thought that the cardio would be good for me.  I will say that by the time I headed back to my car, I thought to my legs are so tired, I hope I can make it the last 100 yds!!  Honestly I couldn't wait to get in the car out of the cold.

As soon as I got in, I removed my masks (yes, double masking...fist a disposable, then a cloth) and removed my old red bomber hat.  I found that masking up really helps keep my face warms although I am out and about on my own, I wear them.  The cold air had formed small ice pellets around the rim of the hat, yet it was my toes that were really cold as I'd forgotten to put my toe warmers in my boots!  Those things are next to miraculous!!

Next week will be the same along with ice storms supposedly...several in fact.  Stay warm if you're in the section of the country that is in it's path.  

As for our COVID vaccines, the Pres is done.  This morning was his second.  My first is scheduled later this month..WOOT! WOOT!  According to my calculations, I should be all set by the time Spring arrives.  And speaking of Spring, I received an email the other day...our Osprey will be migrating North in less than six weeks!!  So forget the bleak forecast, before you know it,  I'll be all over the place...Eagles, Osprey...what an exciting year!!

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The Big Chill...Bleak


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Ann said…
I have no idea what the temperature was here this morning but it's been snowing off and on all day so that is enough to keep me inside. I have no desire to venture out for anything.
I don't mask up, just being outside. But can see, how they probably do keep people's faces warm, in deep winter. But I think they are still toooooo difficult, on breathing, to do it. But! I am not walking outside! -smile-

Did your husband have side effects, to either shot? Well, he just had his 2nd, so you don't know yet....

Our doctor's group has sites set up, to give it, but we have not yet, been notified that they have vaccines. But then, we are *lucky* enough, to live in Gov. Cuomo's NYS!!! Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

NCSue said…
Gosh, I'm so ready for spring!!!
Thanks for sharing at
MadSnapper said…
You should hear me when we go to Wok Bo and it was 42 degrees and I said I'm freezing I can't stand to walk in this cold. Glad you got your hubby shot done and yours is an appointment we don't even have an appointment yet we're waiting we want to go back to the YMCA but we can't until we get the vaccine
Snowshoes? I have never seen these, That sounds quite a workout, I have the same issue when the tide is at the wrong place and the sand is soft and deep. As you say it's good exercise. Here's to those jabs and everyone flying the nest!
Have a lovely day
Wren x

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