The Invasion

They came from in the West

They came from in the East

The lookout must have told them,

"C'mon, hurry up and enjoy the feast!"

Yes, they came from the North

And they came from the South

They followed our path around the house

Picking and plucking, they filled up their mouth

They tugged and pulled at all the dead weeds

Then off to the feeders and gobbled up seeds

And they filled their bellies for a really long time

While I took pictures and worked on this rhyme

seeing, saying, sharing...

The Invasion

My Corner of the World


MadSnapper said…
i LOVE the rhymne, the photos are perfect
Villrose said…
Ha-ha :D
Ann said…
Cute poem. Sounds like they showed up with an appetite.
betty-NZ said…
Such a bearable invasion! Your poem is adorable and the photos re so great :)

It's great to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

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