The Magic Number...406

Choosing the month of February because it's the shortest, I decided I'd give this a try.  Whatever day of the month it is, you get rid of something in your house.  So, on the first of the month, you either toss or donate ONE thing; on the 2nd, you get rid of TWO items; on the 3rd, THREE things, etc.

So I did the math.  By month end I will have gotten rid of 406 items.  It doesn't matter if they're clothes, linens, kitchen pots and pans, etc.  Some basic helpful tips are:

if you haven't used/worn the item in 1 year, it can go;

if you come across something and think maybe I should keep this just in case, apply this logic.   If the item in question hasn't been used in a year yet can be replaced for < $20.00, get rid of it.  

Today is the 3rd of February.  I have tossed/donated 6 items.  While the donation bag is far from full, it's a start.  Oh one thing.  The idea isn't mine.  It was shared by two minimalists.

seeing, saying, sharing...

The Magic Number...406


Ginny Hartzler said…
Wow, I have never heard of this system! It sure does make it less overwhelming, with not that much work.
Ann Thompson said…
That's a good idea. I can see this getting pretty hard by the end of the month
Debbie said…
sounds like a good idea, but i am pretty good at purging all the time. i'm not sure i have 406 items i could get rid of!!!

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