The Retraction

They said 10-16"of white stuff was predicted across the state, and I couldn't wait.   I really, really, really needed it for a lot of reasons.   However, asking the Pres last night what we got, whenever he told me "about 4", I said under my breath...bah-humbug!

Sure the wind was (and still is today) crazy 20-30 mph with higher gusts and the visibility was really bad making it really nasty outside, but darn I really was looking forward to putting on my snowshoes!  I haven't used them in what seems like forever.  

The local weather had explained that strong winds from MA (North of us) had created a "dry pocket" in the NE corner and that was us.

Hitting the sheets like a sad, spoiled little girl, I thought well it will be easier for us to clean up...especially at our age.  After breakfast, I waited patiently for the Pres to wake up, eat and get dressed because I'd told him that I would run the snow blower rather than shovel.  Following the suggestion from our local news channel to shovel in segments, yesterday I made two separate at 9 am then the second at 11:30 am.  It was after my second shoveling escapade that the Pres just told me not to bother.

Well, now I have to retract my disgruntled attitude along with the bah-humbug".  We got 10"!!  As you can see, the only footprints in the snow were made with my far.

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The Retraction

Natures Notes 2


Ann said…
Better you than me. It's snowing here right now and I'm kicking myself for forgetting to bring my boots home with me when I left work today
Ginny Hartzler said…
I'm glad the snow finally came through for you! Is this your house? It's beautiful!!
MadSnapper said…
wow, enjoy and I am glad it is not me..
I was wondering about your area, when you left that comment saying you only got about 5". Now I see Mother Nature fooled you. (She came back with a dusting on my area this morning. The weather guy said the storm diameter is 700+ miles, and it's still swirling over this entire area, but mostly dry over CT today.) I got about 15" to 16". I don't like it. :-(
Rambling Woods said…
It missed us as we were told and I am fine with that..we have plenty of snow...

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