The Roadblock

Making me forget about "that fungus among us" for a little while, I've noticed that nearly every morning, the flock of turkeys hits the road the same time I do.  Thus far this week, I've met with them every day.  Sometimes it's the males and sometime the females.  This particular morning the females were crossing from the right side of the road to the left and the males vice versa.  During the whole ordeal, the males began showing off even though I was inching closer with my car.  **Taken with my cell through the windshield is the reason for the lack of clarity  

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The Roadblock

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MadSnapper said…
those gobblers WILL attack you, i know because i was attacked. i don't like them but it is amazing to see them in the road
Ginny Hartzler said…
Goodness, it appears that they are courting in the middle of the road! I guess they wanted an open space for the females to admire them!
Ann said…
They're worse than kids hanging out in the middle of the road like that.
eileeninmd said…
Hello JP,

Sorry I am late commenting. I have not been on the computer much lately.
The turkey look so cool with their feathers on display. I hope they are safe running in the road. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!
A bother, but they are quite beautiful... -smile-

💕 💓 💗 💖 💗 💓 💕
Phil Slade said…
I actually would't mind that roadblock. I hope that your local drivers drive around the turkeys rather than try to drive through them. I'm afraid that not everyone is as considerate as you are.

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