Winter's Design

Intrigued by the design of ice on the marble table top, I still cannot explain why ridges formed when the top is perfectly flat (other than the umbrella hole in the middle).

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Winter's Design

Shadow Shot Sunday 2


MadSnapper said…
the chairs have the same design as the table and ice. love it
Debbie said…
they look like snowflakes!!!
Ginny Hartzler said…
The ice formed a design made of perfectly straight lines. And with seemingly no explanation! I guess it is God's artwork.
And very straight too!!!!

Ann Thompson said…
Well isn't that interesting. A real mystery
I think it's that way because Mother Nature (or is it Jack Frost?) are free spirited artists! 😊
That is interesting. It almost looks like a criss cross X type pattern. Do you have anything that you put down on the table top at any time during the year? (I'm assuming not.) Fascinating.

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