A Dolly Domestic OOPS

Another road trip because walking wasn't really an option for a few days this week.  It seems that I was too busy ( in other words, OVERDID IT) playing "Dolly Domestic" earlier in the week.  Not only did I wash windows but I also lifted the burgundy leather sofa up and placed it on the area rug so I could look for a few of Katniss' toys.  I guess I leaned, lifted, twisted and repeated a little too much because I strained my back (YIKES to muscle spasms!!!).  However, I did find 3 of Katniss' Q-tips, 1 bottle cap, her 2 favorite gray, two-toned puff-balls, her favorite broken twist-tie and 1 ballpoint pen so she was elated!

Anyway, rather than walking, this week I did more driving and found this cool reflection.  How, you ask?   Wearing those wonderful inventions called ThermaCare Heat Wraps, I was not house-bound.  Those things are the BEST because they allow you to move and get your blood circulating which helps alleviate the inflammation.

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A Dolly Domestic OOPS

Weekend Reflection


MadSnapper said…
As I read this I am laying flat of my back on a heating pad because my back is out and I didn't even do anything.
Ann said…
Whenever I over do like that I try to remind myself that I need to keep moving.
I'm sorry to hear about your back. (I made a mental note to myself to be careful not to that, while I'm doing some Spring cleaning in my house.) Great reflection photo. Is that an I95 bridge? (It could probably be anywhere, but it looks similar in construction to at least one I95 bridge in my area.) My cat also loves Q-tips, bottle caps, and ballpoint pens as toys! (In addition to the standard cat toys.)
James said…
So beautiful! This reminds me of one of the places where I used to walk when I lived in Pennsylvania.

I can relate to having a sore back I've been addicted to electric heating pads for years. Those ThermaCare heat wraps where life savers when I drove across the country or took long flights.

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