A New House

When I came home with the cedar bluebird box, the Pres looked at me and said, "And where is THIS ONE going?" with that tone.

ME:  "It's replacing the broken one.  I took that one down today," although I did not mention that I broke the pole it was on....GULP.

HIM:  "Well, we still have a few hours of daylight, let's do it now."

ME:  "Hon, I might as well tell you now that I had a hard time getting the pole out of the ground."

HIM:  "You have to be careful that the pole doesn't snap off in the ground.  They're not easy to get out."

ME:  "Yep, that's just what happened."

HIM:  grumble grumble grumble

Within minutes the new house was attached to the pole after a small discussion on which way the "North" sign should point.  (BTW, the brambles you see to the lower right are raspberry bushes.)

I wonder how many days I'll have to wait for new tenants???

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A New House

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MadSnapper said…
the new guys might wait for the smell of new wood to vanish. it is cute and I LOVE THAT HUGE ROCK
Ann said…
Always fun to see new construction in the neighborhood and fun to watch to see who the new neighbors will be :)
Ginny Hartzler said…
It's looking good and sturdy! And now the fun begins! I hope we get to see lots of the new residents.
Wish we had enough open space for bluebirds. We don't see too many of them up here on the hill but see lots of them just down the way. Same for most sparrows. I see them down the hill but not up here.
Nice new birdhouse will be awaiting future tenants, JP. I also enjoyed reading the conversation between yourself and Joe. Sending Happy Easter wishes to you both from Pat and myself.

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