A Window of Twigs

Looking through Mother Nature's window of twigs on a pretty foggy morning, I spotted the grazing deer.   Although there was no sunrise that morning, seeing them made me think about how fortunate I was when I went for my vaccine the other day.

The entire process was seamless unlike the horror stories I'm hearing from other people and seeing on TV.  As soon as my age group was eligible, I went on the website affiliated with my healthcare provider and scheduled an appointment.  

Arriving 20 minutes before, I waited behind one gentleman for the typical prescreening questions and temp check.  Told to stand on "one of the ovals" (spaced 6" apart) while the folks checking people in asked for a photo ID along with your insurance card, I saw that I was next.  The young man couldn't have been sweeter and confirmed my appointed quickly, instructing me to move to the next set of ovals.   Placing my right foot down on the "wait here" oval,  I didn't even have a chance to put my left foot down when a nurse waved me over with a big welcoming smile, asked which arm I preferred and said, "just a little pinch".  

Moving on to the waiting area for the fifteen minute "just in case," a young woman told me I would be able to schedule my appointment for my second shot immediately.  Offering to do it while I waited, she was back in no time saying, "Your next vaccine will be on March 20."

While waiting, I reviewed the possible side effects listed on the information sheet I had been given hoping that I would experience none.  I'm happy to say I had none as well as to commend the CDC for something called "V-Safe Check In," which literally sends you a text message asking if you're having any symptoms and what they are.  Their system also did a follow-up check on me the day after.  I had been told by numerous sources that staying hydrated helps reduce and or eliminate post-shot symptoms.

seeing, saying, sharing...

A Window of Twigs

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Thankful Thursday

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MadSnapper said…
You sure couldn't ask for a better experience too bad we can't all have it like that. Thanks for the reminder about the water I remember hearing it and seeing it on TV and Bob is getting his in about 3 hours from now so I took him some water out to the garage and told him to start drinking
MadSnapper said…
totally forgot the twigs. Through the twigs wandering, the deer roamed free
Ginny Hartzler said…
Great news! Now you will start feeling somuch safer! Ours went really well, too. It is good to know that not every place is like we seeon the news. Our second shot is Monday.
Debbie said…
my experience was exactly as you described. the only thing different, i waited in along line to get started. once i started, everyone was so king and i moved very quickly from one station to the next. i am also participating in the "v-check", a friend who also received the vaccine was not told about it. i do think it is an awesome way for them to keep track of side effects.

i like the image of the deer, they are such beautiful creatures!!!
Debbie said…
ooooh and i did not experience any notable side effects. i just felt a little crappy that night, that was it and i was at the beach the next day!!
Ann Thompson said…
Glad to hear you had a good experience
Glad you were able to get your first dose with no problems. We actually got our second dose of the Modera vaccine today at the pharmacy of the local Ingles grocery store. Everyone had appointment times and trickle through all day. So far no adverse side effects (about 11 hours post vaccine). We'll see how the night goes. Love the twig frame.
Our experience with the first shot was much like yours, JP, except that we did not go into a building but shots were administered in a high school parking lot. Other than that, the procedure and follow-up were the same as we waited in our car for 15 minutes before leaving and also got a card with the next (and last) vaccine date listed. Recently, I have been reading reports that booster shots may be needed for new virus variants...definitely not good news to hear :-(

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