Barely There

On a very overcast day, after the snow had fallen, only a few shadows could be found.  Writing this today, the March winds have truly been "coming in like a lion" are totally out of control.  It is far too dangerous for me in the woods with 40-50 mph gusts.  Besides, it feels bitterly cold out there.

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Barely There

Shadow Shot Sunday 2


It's the same here in Nashua, NH with snow squalls today and bitterly cold temps. Not very good for walking outdoors. We had a teaser last week with a couple of 50 and 60+ days.
Ginny Hartzler said…
I like the icicles on the birdhouse. Not a good time to venture into the woods, for sure!
Ann said…
Cute little bird house. Good idea staying safe inside instead of out in the woods
MadSnapper said…
cute bird house, oh my on those winds.. to high to walk in for sure

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