The Newcomers


I hadn't yet gotten out of my car when I spotted this pair up river.  Afraid I would disturb them, the shots were taken from the car.  It killed me to remain in the car.    Normally I'm out walking along the river's edge as soon as I put on my mittens and hat, yet this time I waited patiently and it paid off.

Swans are such exquisite birds.  They are by nature not an aggressive bird although they will protect and defend their nests and young just as any other species.

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The Newcomers

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Michelle said…
This is a lovely photo.
Ginny Hartzler said…
They look like Mute Swans. Lovely and graceful photos!
Ann said…
Aren't they pretty
Debbie V. said…
Thank you for sharing - how exciting and inspiring to see such beautiful animals.
Dave said…
its always nice to see a pair of Swans. Very majestic indeed.
They are very elegant birds. I suspect that you could have walked without disturbing them; they are not especially wary around humans.

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