Wrong Season, Right Reason

At the river one morning as I gazed into one of the coves, I saw this very cool wishbone made by Mother Nature herself, of course.  (Actually, the reason I saw it was that I watched an adult BE fly down from the deciduous tree, and land in the tall dried grass, only to emerge with talons full before heading NE...again.)

So I got to thinking (as if I ever stop), that seeing this wishbone effect in a simple reflection was a good sign.  The Pres has had both his vaccines and as of last weekend, I have as well.  Various members of our family are in the process of getting theirs.  Yet although our state has reopened, I have decided that the great outdoors will continue to be my playground and substitute for the gym...for a while anyway.

seeing, saying, sharing...

Wrong Season, Right Reason


Ginny Hartzler said…
It really IS a wishbone, what a cool thing!! You captured it beautifully. Yes, at least nature is safe from the virus!!
Ann said…
That is pretty cool and a great capture
MadSnapper said…
my wish on that wish bone is this pandemic will go away.. love the photo and I am with you, outdoors and away from people as much as I can even with shots. who knows if they even work?
The great outdoors wins every time! Glad you're out and about these days and enjoying things.

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