All In One

(Female in nest and male on branch on right;  should see chick (s) soon after making their way to the rim by pulling themselves up with their beak)

Lots of yard-work going on here... in the large patch of Monarda, Fiddleheads are popping up like crazy as are the Jack-in-the-Pulpits; transplanted some of the self-seeding Bleeding hearts just to make room for the original; weeding/feeding my garden beds almost daily;  all the Japanese red Maples I planted last Fall all made it!!!;  the two ornamental Acer palmatum dissectum also survived...probably because of the burlap fencing around them; most of the Daffs  the Pres and I put it did great;  the ones that didn't were pulled up by the DARN deer which meant "yours truly" had to replant them; oh, and the American sycamore we just planted...there are buds all along the slender trunk (which really looks like a branch) which appear healthy (I check on it EVERY day); all the hydrangeas have new growth at the base and along the old wood:  the butterfly bushes we divided & transplanted seem to like their new locations too; I've been pulling out new shoots of both Japanese barberry and Oriental bittersweet whenever I see them (probably from bird residue). The "bud" shown above in the Japanese Ornamental (Acer Palmatum Dissectum) was taken ONE week ago.  This is as of THIS MORNING as I prepared for the windstorm arriving today so I'm hoping they make it since I removed the burlap...UGH!!  Sometimes Mother Nature can be tough.

The American 5 1/2' twig with buds...LOL!

Working outside really makes me hungry so I suggested that we have some blueberry pancakes one morning.  In fact, I asked the Pres to make extra.  I ate blueberry pancakes EVRY DAY until they were gone.  The Pres ate the bacon...I'm a blueberry girl!!

Speaking of blue, I did stop occasionally to enjoy the backyard goings-ons.  All the Bluebirds boxes are full and I love watching them and my Eastern Phoebes devour the moths and bugs that are around!

At one of the jaunts to check on other Eagles, I took the time to relax and enjoy reflections as always.

Early mornings at the Club have been relatively quiet seeing only an occasional immature Eagle come in to roost; have only seen one adult at a time...telling me that the mate is on eggs at the nest I have yet to find. I love the colors that appeared in this photo, although I have no idea WHY!!

The Poppies are blooming one at a time it seems...LOL!!
And the resident Pileated keeps himself busy in our surrounding woods.

Deciding when I should put my kayak in because the water is still VERY COLD since morning air temps are in the low 40's although another calm beautiful morning was spent on the river recently.

and lastly..."Lucy June"!  Rode Lucy June twice already, although she had indigestion the first time I mowed...water in the gas, said the Pres; she ran like a top the second time I mowed and I ONLY ran into one fence...LOL!!  Yes, I told the Pres.

Oh, and one more thing I accomplished in a week...took delivery of a piece I ordered for my "office" and since the Pres has been too busy and too tired, I decided when it was delivered, the sweetheart of a UPS man used our dolly, and brought it into the garage for me!!  When the Pres got home, we slid it down the staircase and into the Utility room.  The following day was cold and rainy so I put it together and moved it into "my space".  Cute?  I LOVE it!!!  

Recapping the past week in words would have taken me forever, so I decided to do it with photos instead.  Of course, the Eagles had to be first and all I can say now is I'M TIRED!!!

seeing, saying, DOING and sharing...

All In One


Ginny Hartzler said…
This little cabinet is wonderful, is that what was delivered? I want it, where did you get it? It is awesome! And OH, your gorgeous Poppy! The petals look like delicate crepe paper. Great pics of the Bluebird and Pileated, and the little Fiddlehead. Your post is like a beautiful country diary. There must be something new and gorgeous to see there every single day.
MadSnapper said…
I want to drive/ride Lucy Jane, hope all the new things don't get hurt by the wind, yay for eagles in one shot and i am drooling over both bacon and blueberry pancakes. yum. that is a stunning place to put the kayak in last but not lest The Deer OH MY OH MY
Ann said…
Spring is such a wonderful time of year. I like blueberry muffins but I think I like bacon even more.
Love that new piece for your office.
Unknown said…
Whatta full and fun week for you - It's a good tired, isn't it? I had to chuckle at your running into a fence with Lucy June. I nearly ran into the barn wall with our tractor, and DID run over an area of fence, which got me banished from ever using the tractor again. I probably shouldn't have done both in one day ... 😁 So, I'm jealous that you get to mow!

But I love your gardening photos - We had the Fiddlehead ferns and Jack-in-the-Pulpit when we lived in Alaska, and I miss having them as part of my garden. Your season is off to a good start, but stay out of the water, I think it's still too cold! 😊

Kim - Life at Golden Pines

The next time the Pres makes pancakes and bacon, we would like to be there since we like both, JP, and sometimes it’s dinner for us. Hope that the new plantings survive the windy days as we have them here as well, also the rainy ones.
Stewart M said…
It looks like a very busy time for you! I can almost hear the garden growing.

Things are different here, as we are well and truly into autumn.

Hope all is well - Stewart M - Melbourne
Lydia C. Lee said…
The deer are dear and that bird is so kooky looking - you've a lot of action outside!
carol l mckenna said…
Good to 'see you again.' ~ Remember you always referring the Pres so I assume it you ~ lovely nature photos and love 'your office toy' ~

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)
Hootin' Anni said…
The eagles, the bluebirds, that wonderful woodpecker, deer, gardening. Wow. Now 'bout the pancakes (and bacon for me). What a great post!!

Thanks for joining us at IRBB.
eileeninmd said…

Wow, great variety of birds. I love the Eagles, Pileated Woodpecker, the Bluebird is beautiful. The deer are sweet, they spook easily but I think they eat our plants as much as the bunnies and groundhogs eat. Blueberry pancakes would be my favorite, yum! Pretty flowers! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a great day and week ahead.
betty-NZ said…
There's a lot going on for you this week! I would be fascinated with the woodpecker :)

It's great to see your post at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
I love seeing the sights of spring. Thanks so much!

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