Room To Grow

The prediction was for heavy rain starting around 11:00 am.  When the Pres got up, the poor guy knew what he was in for because we'd talked about it for days.  Even though it's against the rules, we took a chance and dug up three small azaleas, relocating them to a space we think they'll thrive.

Struggling for the past two years, they looked sadder and sadder each year.  You see, Mother Nature (in the form of the birds) deposited several Junipers (aka Easter Cedars) along the fence.  Since they grow relatively fast (12-24" per year), crowding out the azaleas was inevitable.  

Our task was to dig new holes for the azaleas, in addition to digging them out and relocate a stray cedar that took up residence in one of my perennial garden beds.   Well, let me tell you that stray cedar which was only about four feet tall had a tap root that seemed to go all the way to hell!!  It was brutal to dig out which was my job.  Finding myself on my hands and knees and piling dirt all around me, when the Pres came over, he said, "Hon what's taking you so long?"  That was enough for me.  "Here, you try." 

Using the pickaxe made digging the new holes easier and much quicker although the Pres knew the spot we were moving the azaleas to would have great soil.  It is original farm soil rich in nutrients topped with inches of decaying leaves.  The azalea bushes will get morning sun followed by dappled shade and should do well.

The end result was this.  We finished the transplanting, put the tools and wheel barrow away, then went in to enjoy an early lunch.  The heavy rain began and lasted through the night giving way to sunshine this morning and all those crowed bushes and trees look so much happier with their own space.

yes, everyone needs...

Room To Grow

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MadSnapper said…
So happy the rain held off long enough for you to complete your task and to water them in really good that will make them grow and look beautiful
Ginny Hartzler said…
Wow, I know you are so glad that is all done!
Debbie said…
perfect timing and now everyone got a good soaking!! i have a love - hate relationship with any yard work!!
Ann Thompson said…
That sounds like exhausting work. Glad you got it done before the rain
Keeping my fingers crossed for some successful growth!

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