The Lucky Ones

Working in the kitchen I couldn't help but notice the Cooper's Hawk swooped down toward the feeders on the South side of the house.  Walking over to the slider, I saw a pair of Doves sitting way up high...higher than the direction of the hawk...thank goodness.  The small birds scattered and took cover avoiding the attack while the Doves remained motionless.  All was well.

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The Lucky Ones

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While I have you, just an update on all the happy couples I have the opportunity to observe:

Sitting low, incubation position, for both Osprey nests...WOOT! WOOT!

and, as for the Eagles...Saturday, my timing was perfect.  Filming a swap, the incoming adult was perched on a branch to the right of the nest so when the adult being relieved of incubation duty stood up, took flight and headed to the East, the incoming adult flew over to the branch adjacent to the left side of the nest, stepped onto the rim, then balled up it's talons (to avoid damaging the eggs) , reached down to rotate the eggs, then settled, rocking sideways five times.  I was able to get the whole behavior on video, passed it on to the folks I volunteer with who will use the clip. 

BTW, I believe these eggs should hatch within a week based on a 35 day incubation.


Ginny Hartzler said…
Great shot of the Eagle. The dove is so puffed up, he must be cold!
Ann said…
What an amazing routine to have the opportunity to watch.
eileeninmd said…

Great variety of birds. Love the sweet dove, Hawk, Osprey and the Eagle is awesome.
Have a happy day!
MadSnapper said…
I love our doves, they are my favorite song. and they are an easy pray for the hawks.. glad yours were safe.. yay for the babies on the way from osprey and eagles
Hootin' Anni said…
Such exciting upcoming events. That hawk is beautiful too.

As always, thank you for taking time to share with us.

~Anni, host of I'd Rather B Birdin'
Dave said…
Spring is in the air. Great goings on for you to keep an eye on.

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