The Lunatic

Katniss:  So, Mom, wanna play "a game of stairs"?

ME:  Kat, what are you doing now?

Katniss:  Well, this is how we play.  You go up and down the stairs and I'll peek through the railing.  It's like playing peek-a-boo like we do when you're in the bathroom and I hide behind the shower curtain.

ME:  Katniss, I don't know how or where you learned to do these things, but I'll play because I love you.

Yes, I stop what I'm doing and play peek-a-boo on the stairs.  So the question is:  who's the lunatic???

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The Lunatic

Thankful Thursday

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eileeninmd said…

Fun games with your kitty. I like the tail sticking out from the shower curtain.
Adorable photos! Take care, enjoy your day!
Ginny Hartzler said…
These games are adorable! House cats need to be engaged in fun things like this. My brother-in-law's cat liked to get in the bathtub and play peekaboo with David's head popping up and down on the outside of the tub.
Ann said…
Katniss has you trained well :)

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