This One's Taken

The day after...yes, the DAY AFTER, we put up the new bluebird box, I happened to be outside with Katniss.  While she sprawled out in her bed in the now elevated (thanks to the Pres) large dog crate, I sat comfortably in my green wicker chair.  Sipping on my hot cup of tea, I spotted a female Eastern bluebird and soon her mate was on the scene.  They appeared to be shopping for a new home! 

You can probably guess what the end results were.  Her male counterpart didn't have a chance to say "no" as she began investigating all angles of their prospective new home.  She sat on the roof and looked around, taking in all that would soon be in full bloom...the oak leaf hydrangeas, the mophead hydrangeas, the viburnum, the holly bush, the butterfly bushes, the lilac, the tall, slender cherry, the wild blueberry bush, the strawberry bush, and of course, the red raspberries right near by.

Taking turns, they sat on the north sign...first on the left, then on the right...examining the surroundings carefully.  She went into the bird box and appeared cheerful when she came out, flying up to the roof of the pergola as he sat in the yet to bloom lilac.  

He went in to examine the interior design and flew out pleased (it seemed).  Although the male seemed ready to make the decision almost immediately, the female took her sweet time examine both the house and her surroundings from every angle.  

When another prospective buyer came by to see the new home on the block, the female immediately flew up to the entrance as if to say..."Sorry, this one's taken."

Finding myself more intrigued by the pair of bluebirds than anything else going on around me, suddenly I realized that I'd better bring Katniss in and go start supper!

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This One's Taken

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MadSnapper said…
Oh Look Honey, a free home and its never been lived in. Quick, lets stake out our claim before someone gets it.
Ann said…
Well that didn't take long. Glad the happy couple found their new home.
Good deal and it looks like you have the perfect observation point, too.
Ginny Hartzler said…
You have a front row seat to one of the best spring shows ever! And now we can see too, without even having to buy tickets! I love your descriptions of their house approval.
Dare I suggest putting up a second one, for the second blue bird couple that came along? Now I'm wondering about putting up one of these, but I'm certain it has to be located somewhere specifically, and high enough so that predators can't bother them, and I don't know anything about that. Hmmm...
eileeninmd said…

I am glad the bluebirds found your new home so quickly. They are beautiful birds, I love to watch them. It will be great to see their babies. Thank you for linking up your post. Take care, enjoy your day!

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