Today's Choice

Watching the sky rather than paying attention to the evening news was more pleasant and intrinsically rewarding since the COVID updates were being talked about...again.  Possible blood clots from J & J and Astra Zeneca reported in the UK and the states was the topic of discussion.  May you all remain safe and healthy.

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Today's Choice


MadSnapper said…
I am trying my best to ignore the spewing news from the loud TV... I much prefer nature over TV and on the news I would be happy to never see it again
Ann said…
I stopped watching the news years ago. It tends to get a bit depressing not to mention it's more of an opinion show than a new show any more. As for the J&J vaccine I'm sure there are possible side effects but there are possible side effects with the other two brands as well. They just don't want to talk about those.

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