You Bought A WHAT????

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Waiting until the Pres was nice and comfy in his chair, I walked into the GR and said, "Hon, guess what I did today?  I bought a TREE."

"You bought a WHAT?  Did you say TREE?  Hon, we are surrounded by trees, what makes you think we need another tree????"

Wincing, while my mind said UH-OH, I"M IN TROUBLE NOW, my mouth said, "Well I've been trying to think of something that we could plant in back of your garage and I finally found something.  Besides, it's kind of funky.  It will take up that space nicely and the sun is prefect back there as well as the moisture."   

Apparently, I'd peaked his curiosity, because he actually let me finish telling him that I ordered a 6' American Sycamore which are often found along riverbanks and do well in either fun sun or dappled shade.  Here, see for yourself:

"Mature Height/Spread:  This tree grows 70 to 100 feet tall, 65 to 80 feet wide.  It can reach 120 in height under ideal conditions.  Growth Rate: rapid (2' per year) and has a moderate to long life span...600 years.  The sycamore is a "wind firm" tree.  It's widespread, strongly branched root system keeps it firmly anchored in the soil.  The majority of it's roots are no deeper than a few feet from the surface of the soil."

Now, my problem is how large of a hole do I need to dig???

We haven't discussed that yet....GULP!

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You Bought a WHAT????

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MadSnapper said…
it also puts down those horrid sycamore balls that have to be cleaned up because they hurt to step on or make you fall down.. just sayin
Sycamore and sweet gum are two different trees. I love our sycamores The size of the root ball or container would determine the size of the hole you need. Probably 3 times as wide across and as much as twice as deep, if you can get that far. If the soil isn't compacted you can probably get away with a lot less depth. Your local extension office can tell you. Happy days, a new tree planted!
Wow, that tree can get huge. But I chuckled at your husband's initial reaction.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Sycamores are kind of rare around here.
Ann Thompson said…
Those sure do get big. You'll have to get a picture of the hole you dig for it

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