Well, apparently Google no longer likes me because my email notifications STOPPED again!!  So, reaching out to Sandra AGAIN, I have reset the settings AGAIN!!  I wonder WHY this happens or if they even know that it happens.

In addition to reaching out to Sandra, I Googled and found this:

Blogger-Comment Notification which is a great post created by Linda who sounds like a sweetheart!!!


Ginny Hartzler said…
It can be so frustrating!
eileeninmd said…
Commenting on Google can be so frustrating.
Have a happy day!
MadSnapper said…
and the sad thing is, in a couple of months when they remove the follow by email gadget we all use, i am 98% sure it will effect this and we will not be able to get them to us anymore, unless they build something new
I know that Google can be so frustrating in so many ways, JP, but at least there are not those annoying ads that seem to be inherent in the "free" wordpress blogs. I have never used a follow by email feature and just visit individual blogs at various times during the week, but not on a daily basis a there is more to life than blogging (as you well know too).

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