Cutie Pie

Mowing the lawn earlier today because rain was expected later, I blew off the pulleys so Lucy June would be ready for next time.  Then I walked over to the garbage bins and wheeled them back into place before heading to the double wide gate where I enter and exit the yard.  Now that the double was closed, as I reached for the latch on the single gate, I spotted something ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE.

Acknowledging my presence, it blinked it's eyes as I moved.  Backing away slowly I hoped I wouldn't startle the handsome fellow.  Then I opened the double gate, ran into the house to get the camera and returned. 

About an hour later, after helping the Pres remove the fencing from some of our shrubs, I said, "Come see something over here if it's still here."

"Whaaaat is THAT?", he said.

"It's a FROG!  Isn't he adorable?" I said quickly.

"Are you sure?  It looks like a rock.", said he.

So then before sharing him with you, I wanted to find out what it was.  Hmmmm, after quite some time reading about frogs and toads, I wondered if in fact this guy is a GRAY TREE FROG.  

Does anyone know what he is????

seeing, saying, sharing...

Cutie Pie


Ann said…
I don't know a thing about frogs. I do agree with the Pres though, it does look like a rock.
MadSnapper said…
I think it is a frog and it is adorable and I would take the same photos. no idea what kind and if you told me I would not know tomorrow.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Oh, he is just adorable! I bet that looking like a rock is part of his defense. This would have made my day!

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