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Checking on the Sycamore daily, I carefully examine it for signs of rejection.  Since it was planted not long ago, I want to be sure to catch any unhappy transplant signs early on.  So far so good.  

Because I've only planted shrubs until this year, I am unfamiliar with just how a tree develops.  Considering I planted several trees last Fall, I am really intrigued.  All four Red Maples are growing like crazy and the two ornamentals (Acer palmatum dissectum-Japanese Laceleaf ) are also doing well.  Focusing on the American Sycamore, I began searching for answers.  

Assuming our little guy is a "sapling," I wanted to know how and what to expect for branch development.  Are you ready???  Axillary buds are formed where each bud joins the twig.  Branches and trunks grow as new cells are produced under the bark.

To be honest, I am just so happy that the SYCA has MORE leaves almost daily!!!

seeing, saying, sharing...

It Likes It Here


Ginny Hartzler said…
It is cute! Sycamores are kind of rare, and really treasured trees.
Lydia C. Lee said…
It's nice watching plants 'take' or grow....something satisfying...#NaturesNotes
Ann said…
You have the magic touch
Stewart M said…
Some form of photographic record of the way the tree grows would be a good project.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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