Just a "Tad"

It was a perfect morning for the hike that was scheduled months ago.  With all the cool, rainy weather we had been having, I wondered if it would have to be cancelled.  It wasn't and heading to a destination unknown is always fun to me!  It was a morning well spent!

Arriving at the parking lot, there was "Boss" (Chief Ranger, that is) getting his gear out of his truck.  As I pulled in next to him, he looked at his watch and said, "Did I really beat JP to a hike that I'm leading?" He always makes me laugh so hard.  Over my lifetime with all the interactions with men, there are two that come to mind that I wish were my brothers.  He's one of them and it seems we always have much to talk about...both personal and business regardless of where we are or what we're doing.  Meanwhile...

Everyone was on time and to my surprise, none of them were wearing masks when they approached us, although Boss had said that since it was a small crowd keeping a 6' distance would be easy.  While he led and pointed things of interest out as we hiked, I hung out in the middle with the participants and our Assistant Director brought up the rear.  She was taping the walk/talk. 

When we came upon a small pool, we noticed a ton of tadpoles (in case you overlooked them in the above photo, see the edited pic below) of various sizes swimming in and around the decaying leaf litter.  Before we knew it, just about everyone was reminiscing about catching tadpoles as a kid, and sharing their stories.  Bottom line was that the tadpoles were more than likely from a Wood Frog and this vernal pool will be on a up and coming hike done specifically for kids under 12.

seeing, saying, sharing...

Just a "Tad"

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Ginny Hartzler said…
This reminds me of those pretty pictures where you have to find things in it. What safe fun this was!!
Ann said…
Love the picture but I'm not seeing tadpoles even with the circles.
ANIKET said…
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James said…
Really beautiful reflections!
Eva Wilson said…
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