My Setup...Focus


It may not look like much to you, but to me, it's just perfection!  The tree I'm focusing on is that pine in the distance.  That's where the Eagles nest is and although you cannot decipher it from the photo, there is a pond between that pine and I.  All the bright green stuff directly in front of me is Japanese Barberry (a tick haven!!!)  Anyway...

Upon arrival, I set my old Nikon P900 camera on a short tripod on the tote that my friend (who passed away in 2019)  placed on a table for me.  It's quick, and easy.  Then I place my trusty bean bag (THANK YOU STEWART!!!) on the tote's surface, and set the spotting scope on it, adjusting the filling for the perfect angle.  I attach my "gizmo" to the eyepiece of the scope and insert my old 5 SE, adjust the three axis, zoom in and I get a bird's eye view of just what's going on in the nest and take a pic if I want. 

                                                                                Meanwhile the camera is set to record video or grab a pic.  I'm trying to focus my photos/videos on the eaglets from a few weeks to fledge, which will happen when they're about 12 wks.  

Of course, I also have to wear this outfit to prevent the gnats and ticks from getting anywhere near me.

seeing, saying, sharing...

My Setup...Focus


Ginny Hartzler said…
Wow, this is advanced stuff!!
Ann said…
That's a pretty fancy set up you have there.
MadSnapper said…
LOVE It! what ever it takes you can do it. including the pricelss Get UP
Hootin' Anni said…
Other than the outfit, this could be me. I loved the eagle scoped image!

Again, thanks for taking time to share.

~Anni @IRBB
What a setup you have! I'm somewhat jealous but then I'm not as dedicated as you to devote the time to it. And, most of my subjects are small and like to move quickly. I just got a new Sony a7 III mirrorless camera with a Sigma 100-400 lens. Now to learn how to use it.

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