No, Not There!

Last weekend when I was out in the yard, my neighbor shouted, "Hey, JP, what are you up to?"  

"Nothing, c'mon over."  As I waited for him to emerge for his overgrown perimeter across from the side gate, I heard him talking to "something", saying, "C'mon, let's go.  No, not that way."

The next thing I knew, a little pup was trying to squeeze though the slats of the fence.  First it's round little head, then a shoulder followed by the other, then the belly made it through and finally it's hips, one at a time.

Meet...Bella, a three month old "Frenchie" (French Bulldog), who has been to my house nearly every afternoon to visit, loves to watch the bugs crawling across the pavers and seems to really like walking around the entire fenced yard.  Sniffing the flowers and the shrubs, all I seem to be saying to her right now is, "No, Bella doesn't pee on that shrub.  No, Bella doesn't pee on Auntie's flowers."  Let's go find Daddy."  After we walk, she slurps up some water, flops on the cool stones and watches bugs.

seeing, saying, sharing...

No, Not There!

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Ann said…
Aww, Bella is adorable
MadSnapper said…
Bella means beautiful! And she is beautiful and I sure would like to have her. Except I'm too old for a puppy but I really really love her and tell them it will not hurt the flowers or the plants for her to pee on them in fact it is good for it and you can research it and find that that is true all of our dogs have always peed on all of our flowers and all of our bushes and they have never harmed them

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