Out On A Limb

Shopping at the local Home Depot, I expected to find a fuel filter for my mower, Lucy June.  After all, that's where we bought it.  WRONG!   Then when the woman insisted that this "universal filter" would work, I bought it.  The following day I returned it, although the Pres told me to hang on to it.  But Hon, the ID (inside diameter) isn't the same!!!  So why keep it?  Sometimes men are dumb!

Next local store, they too were all sold out but assured me I would get one in three days.  Ordered, paid for, out the door feeling sure I'd get the right thing.  I mean really the Manager took a photo of the sku # and gave me an electronic receipt...$15.69 (WOW!  They're expensive in here compared to the price I paid online of $5.65, although that order wasn't coming until the end of the week.)

Three days later, I received a huge box...about 20" long x 6" deep x 10" wide.  Opening it, I was REALLY SURPRISED.  There was an AIR FILTER in the box!  #&$%$$@^&!  And, it wasn't even the correct air filter...UGH!!!

Feeling like I never should have read the manual, I wondered if I would ever get Lucy June running right and now with the weather warming up, I needed to mow once a week.  Feeling helpless, I knew I would just have to wait until the order came and listen to my mower cough, gag, spitter and sputter.

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Black and White Weekend


Ginny Hartzler said…
Oh my gosh! How much wronger could they have gotten it!! I love your photo, it reminds me of an Edgar Allen Poe kind of look.
Ann said…
How annoying and frustrating. Hope you get the right one soon.

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