Asking the Pres if I could make this area around the small shrub easier to mow with Lucy June, I decided that I would dig out the section of grass (which was the hardest part I might add), put down some weed mat and then top that with mulch.

Explaining that navigating in and around the pergola pillar, the shrub and the stonewall was a pain in the butt, he listened staring down at the space.  Before giving him my sales pitch,  I had thought it through and knew that creating a simple angle would solve the problem.  I just needed his "buy in" because although I do the majority of the yard maintenance, he's in charge.

When I took these photos, all I had left to do is pound in the edging on the outer edge.  As usual, during the project, I discovered another "life's lesson" cuters are a lot sharper than scissors!!! (Don't stitches needed!!)

seeing, saying, sharing...



Ginny Hartzler said…
This was a good plan. Oh gosh, I hope your fingers are O.K.!
I had to smile after reading this post, JP, because now I know that you meant you "sold" the Pres on your idea and didn't sell an actual item! And, I also hope that any injury was minor because cutters are very sharp!
Sandee said…
A most wonderful solution to a pain in the behind. I like it. Ouch on the box cutters though. I'm glad stitches weren't required.

Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥
Catscue Cat Mom said…
Great solution and it looks lovely too.
XmasDolly said…
What beautiful pictures too! Thanks for sharing. I surely wish I had a green thumb. I use too, but I lost it somewhere & can't find it! :) Have a great day & stay healthy!

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