The Chemist

A few years ago, a friend at the gym told me about some homemade concoctions that really seemed to help her gardens.  Ordering a book, I now pick up the ingredients (Ocean State Job Lot) and mix up the magic potions.  Although I haven't tried all of the "recipes," the ones I have used seem to work!  Of course, the day I went to Walmart and bought a tin of tobacco, the woman at the register gave me a strange look when I told her I needed it to make "tobacco tea."  However, once you get past the lists of ingredients, they've all proved beneficial.

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The Chemist


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Ann Thompson said…
I think a lot of those homemade concoctions work way better than store bought stuff
Ginny Hartzler said…
This would be fun as well!
NCSue said…
It seems each year we see fewer bees and butterflies! Hopefully using products such as these rather than poisons will help restore the balance.
Thanks for sharing at

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