Those Darn Blades

So yes, I finally got Lucy June up and running back to normal.  Well, actually I only helped.  The Pres did most of the work.  I mean lets face it, he BLEW on the fuel filter several times to expel the "gunk" which seemed to do the trick, although the ones I ordered are coming today.

Happily I jumped on my ZTR and have been mowing about every four days now that warmer weather is finally here and the grass is growing.  Yet, the day after I mowed, I noticed that there were blades of grass here and there that were not cut even with the rest of the grass.  So that night I asked the Pres to come outside and take a peak.  "Well, that's an easy fix.  Your blades must need sharpening.  C'mon I'll show you how so you can do it next time."

The next thing I knew I was driving Lucy up two metal ramps until the Pres yelled, "Okay, shut it off."

Following him over to the grinder, he showed me the before, during and after.  In my head, I kept thinking does he really think I'm going to do this????, and unfortunately,  the answer is yes!

The next time I mowed, Lucy June cut with precision and perfection.  Our performance was even recognized by the Pres!!!

seeing, saying, sharing...

Those Darn Blades

Thankful Thursday


Ginny Hartzler said…
So will you try it the next time?
Ann said…
Well the next time those blades need sharpened you'll have to let us know if you tried it on your own or not. I'm pretty sure if it was me I wouldn't be attempting it.
Getting the blade off would be he hard part for me. Glad you are enjoying Lucy June.

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