Up Here

Working almost every day during the week, when the Pres told me he was off for two days in a row, I was glad.  After he got a good night's rest, and stuffed his face ate breakfast, I was back from the nest and ready to roll.

Giving him a small list of things to do including getting mulch from our "stash" kept in the woods on the lower portion of the property with the ATV and trailer, taking down the heavier fencing around the hydrangeas and lastly to "look at my mower," I knew he would save the mower for last.

Meanwhile, I planted seeds from last year's deadheading, planted the annuals he'd brought home the day before, and finished a little weed-eating.  When we met in the garage to look at the mower, he clamped the fuel lines and removed the fuel filter.  Before I knew it, he walked over to the doorway and blew into it really, really hard "to get out any crap in there" and then replaced it.  We checked the air filter which looked fine as well as the spark plugs.  "You should be good to go this week.  Let me know if it doesn't run right."  Even though he'd done those heavier things, I was most pleased that he looked at Lucy June.

Yet it was when I went up the stairs to the attic area above the garage to put extra pots away and stood on the landing that I stopped to take in the view from up here.  Yes, hard work and yard work are worth every ache.

seeing, saying, sharing...

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 



Ginny Hartzler said…
What a beautiful home and property you have! Now I want to see the front of it.
MadSnapper said…
the purrfect view and I LOVE THOSE TREES.. Mow ON
Inger said…
A beautiful place to live. And I just remembered the Hollow, or the woods around it.
Ann said…
Such a beautiful yard.
ANIKET said…
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Yard work is hard, but can be very rewarding especially when it is all done, JP.

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