A Keeper


Although I really don't know how it started, it is now a daily morning ritual.  Once I've made my coffee and go back downstairs to watch the morning news while I drink my coffee, Katniss jumps up on the red wooden footstool and sits.  She then picks up a front paw (like a dog) and reaches out to me.

Then she has me trained to say, "You want Mommy to brush you?"  Placing her brush in one hand and her comb in the other, I then say, "Okay c'mon.  I'm ready." She then steps onto my lap and stands while I comb her as she rubs the brush, giving herself a chin and head scratching.

Her coat is as soft as velvet.  My Vet tells me it's because of the water and the grooming.  All I know is the whole thing makes her happy and that the amount of fur that is removed daily isn't going in her belly!  To me, this daily routine is a keeper!!!

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A Keeper


Ginny Hartzler said…
she is beautiful and a lucky girl to have you! Our cat pats us with a paw when he wants something, too. Usually food or beushed.
eileeninmd said…

Your kitty is beautiful! She has you well trained.
Take care, have a happy day and a great week ahead.
Ann said…
Catniss has you trained so well. A sweet and beneficial routine.
Inger said…
What a lovely routine. Cats are so special.
MadSnapper said…
she is indeed a keeper and is so beautiful and this photo is just priceless as is your morning routine. I love the fern in the urn. gorgeous
She really is beautiful and it's such a relaxing thing to do. I like your quote before the comment box....find your passion! That's perfect!
Oh, I think its a routine that's good for both of you and I'm jealous. Give Katniss a hug for me please.

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