In HOT Water

Receiving my copy of a publication produced by one of the organizations I do volunteer work for, I began reading the articles.  Turning the pages, I read the article entitled "Our Future Depends on Pollinators" followed by facts about pollinators, bees and attracting pollinators.  When I turned the next page, I was totally taken in for there was an article entitled "Volunteer Spotlight" and it was about ME!  Reading it, I swelled up with pride and felt good.  Such kind words formed the sentences and paragraphs, I couldn't wait to share it.

Taking the member magazine upstairs, I opened it to the page revealing the article and held it in front of the Pres.  Glancing up from his puzzle,  his eyes spotted my name almost immediately.  Then I said, "What do you think of the picture?"  


Pointing to an entirely different article and a photo of ANOTHER WOMAN, he said, "It's a good pic."

"Are you kidding me?  That's not even me you #%@$@($*#&@!!"

"Well, it looks like you."

Walking out of the room, I shook my head in disgust.  I'm sure you don't need me to digress any further.  I was moe than annoyed.  Actually pissed is more like it!!  To compound matters, he didn't he ask to read the article!!

And to think that I made him the tapioca pudding he wanted just the other day!   

seeing, saying, sharing...

In HOT Water

Weekend Reflections


MadSnapper said…
They'll be as boiled as a lobster and dead to the Bone before he gets out of that hot water. But you know what dog Bob would do the same thing to me when I show him things he says on huh and he didn't even see what I'm showing him. Congratulations on the article and if I had seen it I would have read it. Don't boiling for too long he can't help it he's a man from Mars
Ginny Hartzler said…
Awww, what a dissapointment! I wish you could show US the article, I know that I would be very impressed! How about taking a picture of it to post at least?
Michelle said…
I would say that we have all been there with a spouse who wasn't paying attention! It is frustrating.
Ann Thompson said…
Wow, how cool. Typical male answer from the Pres
Of course, JP, if the situation were reversed, you do know that you would be expected to be gushing praise. Perhaps he will reconsider his brushing aside your achievement especially when you eat the tapioca pudding in front of him.

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