My Girl

Trying to get a few numbers off the bands worn by the female Bald Eagle has been a real challenge to say the least.  I just cannot get her to turn her leg for me to get a clear shot.  However, she did show me just how far an eagle can rotate it's head.

Did you know that an Eagle can rotate it's head about 180 degrees?  They have 14 cervical vertebrae as opposed to we humans who have a mere 7 cervical vertebrae giving us the ability to rotate a mere 70-90 degrees to either side.

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My Girl


Debbie said…
they are so majestic and beautiful, they always prove a feeling of excitement for me!! i did not know about the head rotation!!
Ginny Hartzler said…
I didn't know this. Wow,she looks headless in the last shot. So if you manage to see the band numbers, would you know what they mean?
betty-NZ said…
Wow, that's amazing! What a pretty girl, too.
eileeninmd said…
Amazing photos, it is good to stretch those neck muscles.
Have a great day!
Phil Slade said…
Good try JP. Depending upon the numbers and sequence, it may still be possible to trace your eagle. Email your US branding scheme.
Just learned something new about eagles in this post, JP. Hope you can get a clear view of those band numbers, but not an easy task for sure.
Dave said…
how rude of her..... Hahaha

Do you have a spotting scope? Would be an aid in getting that reference from the bands... if of course she decides to turn for you.

Of course she is just beautiful isn't she

Hootin' Anni said…
No matter her band number, she is incredibly beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing this with us birders at IRBB.

betty-NZ said…

I'm happy you chose to share your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
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