My Hero

This post is a BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS HUG, KISS and

THANK YOU to Sandra who found out just what ALVA is!!!

Receiving an email from her over the weekend, she told me that she thought she may have found out just what "Alva" (the houseplant I put in the dark closest all Winter) was.  She further suggested that I look at the photos on the link she sent and as soon as I did, I got back on email and said, "OMG!  That's Alva!!!"

So, of course, I read about this species (of which there are numerous varieties) in disbelief, trying to understand just how the real Aunt Alva even started this plant, but that night I slept like a rock.

Scrolling through image after image of the varieties, for those who asked, I believe Alva is:

an Achimenes Longiflora (Wikipedia-Cupid's Bower)

(photos of Alva found in my archives)

seeing, saying, sharing...

MY Hero

P.S.  One more thing.  Yesterday I spotted a BUD on Alva.  She's alive and doing well!!


Ann said…
Glad to hear Alva is doing well. If you have google lens on your phone you can take a picture and it will identify it, give you similar pictures and even show you where you can buy it.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Sandra is such a blessing to all of us! She has helped so many people, including me, many times over. She is like the Blogging wizard. What a romantic name for Alva!
Yeah for Sandra who is a knowing blogger which is a good thing and meant that way too.
It's a lovely colour bloom isn't it.

All the best Jan
Inger said…
As Ginny said, Sandra is so wonderful. She's helped me so much with computer and blogger glitches. And now she's helping with Alva too! Isn't it wonderful, the kind and helpful people we meet on the blogs? People who then become your friends.
Brian said…
How nice to have friends like Sandra, and smart too. The Alva is very, very nice. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!
Michelle said…
So glad that Alva is doing well! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.
Sandee said…
A wonderful thankful indeed. Knowing what you have is a very good thing.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥
MadSnapper said…
Alva made it through the pandemic. I am so happy your Aunts namesake and my Grandmothers namesake is still living. Alva is the only plant I know of that gets shut in a closet for the winter and comes out strong and beautiful in Spring. Welcome to your outside world Alva...
betty-NZ said…
Happy dance all around! Of course, it makes sense, now that I read about it, that she was a rhizome of some sort!

Thanks for sharing your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

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