The Circle

Sometimes life with the Pres is a bit confusing.  It reminds me of a BIG CIRCLE.  Now, you're probably wondering why I have a photo of this bowl of corn.  I'm hoping it will become clear after you read what just happened.

Walking into the kitchen, I saw the butter dish sitting on the counter.  Since it wasn't there when I went downstairs to fold the laundry, I turned toward the Pres and said,"Why is the butter dish on the counter?"

HIM:  "I cut the corn off the two ears of corn and put it in a bowl."

ME:  "So why is the butter dish on the counter?"

HIM:  "I don't know."

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 The Circle


Our World Tuesday

My head is still spinning.  Did I miss something?  Did he mention the butter dish? Maybe I need to get out more.  Maybe I should go mow or something.  Or maybe I should just stop picking up after him!!


Ginny Hartzler said…
Funny! Maybe he got it out to make something, then got distracted and forgot all about it.
Ann said…
LOL, talking to men can be very confusing sometimes.
NCSue said…
Men. Aren't they amazing!
Thanks for sharing at
MadSnapper said…
the scary thing that is happening here, is I say did you put the butter dish out? he says no, and I say well I didn't either. so which one of us put the dish out and doesn't remember doing it. that said, we too have the circle and sometimes that circle goes on and on until one of us gets mad. the corn has me drooling, that is my favorite way to eat corn, fresh off the cob

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