The Home Body

As the onset of Summer is here, I can't help but be thankful for everything that Spring brought me.   A little hard work, a few mowing problems encountered and overcome and quite a lot of schedule rearranging but I got it all done!!  Here's some of the proof...done in purple, yellow and white, my favorite Spring colors (except for the pink Lupines, the Bumble Bee and Dragonfly).

Tomorrow evening I'm going out on a Summer Solstice (Sunset) Paddle which I am thrilled about!  Since  I got my car back I was able to "go and do" everything that needed to get done this past week...haircut, lots of Eagles and Osprey nest visits, a little exploring and a lot of miles.  

Whenever I talk about what I've been doing, a few of my close friends now refer to me as "a lawn slave."  However, it does look very good.  Even the Pres is impressed!!  


eileeninmd said…
What a lovely variety of blooms, gorgeous photos.
Take care, have a happy new week!
Ginny Hartzler said…
What are the beautiful white flowers? And the brilliant intense blue ones? Wow, your yard is amazing, it must look like a beautiful Botanical Garden! You could probably charge people to tour it!
Ann said…
Beautiful flowers. I would love to have more flowers around my house but I hate gardening.
Your garden work has sure resulted in some beautiful blooms, JP. Some days I do miss not having an outdoor garden but then remember all the work in maintaining it. Now, I can just admire and appreciate the work of other gardeners like yourself.

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