Too Sensitive???

Years ago, shortly after we moved here, I wanted to buy a Trumpet Vine.  Knowing nothing about them, I went to just about every gardening shop and nursery in the area.  All I knew was that hummingbirds love them which was good enough for me since I love hummingbirds and wanted to make them happy!  

Searching for what I thought would be a great addition to our yard, I finally found one.  Elated and anxious to plant it, I paid the $39.99 plus tax, loaded it in my car, and headed home. 

Meanwhile, I blamed the poison ivy for the rash I had developed and asked the Pres to wander the property and destroy any he could find.  (Not to worry...he doesn't get poison ivy even when he touches it!!)

Anyway, back to the Trumpet Vine.  Anxious to get the new young vine in the ground, I asked the Pres to put up a piece of gray painted lattice (now known as "the baseball scoreboard"). 

Waiting patiently for it to mature and bloom, I proudly posted pictures of the blooms and relished in their beautiful orange-red trumpet shaped flowers.  

It was then, and only then, that I learned from a fellow blogger (Sandra aka Mad Snapper) that it could very well be that plant that was causing my intense red rash that itches like poison ivy and that the vine literally can strangle other plants if not cared for!! Of course, I immediately asked the Pres to dig it up and get rid of it because I couldn't care for it.  

Sure enough, it seems that I am one of those people who get a reaction when touched by the vine.  Well I'm here today to say that apparently the vine that was supposed to be gone is now in three areas of our yard and yes, it must have touched me when I was riding Lucy June late yesterday after the sun went down because today the red rash on my neck, my chin itch like crazy!! 

I always called it a Trumpet Vine or Hummingbird Vine but my "Picture This" App also refers to it as "Trumpet Creeper", "American Trumpet Vine", and "Cow Itch Vine".  When I read "Cow Itch Vine" it made me remember how my OBGYN told me that I had "breeders hips" when it came to having children.  Interesting, right???  

seeing, saying, sharing...

Too Sensitive???

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Ann said…
Well glad you found out that it was causing your rash. Sounds like it won't be easy to get rid of though
Michelle said…
We have a trumpet vine that was planted many years before we bought our farm. It drives me a bit crazy and is hard to control.
eileeninmd said…

We bought a trumpet vine and years later we called it Cousin It.
It spread all over the yard, hubby is still chopping it down as soon as he sees it growing back. We never got the rashes. It did have pretty blooms that the hummingbird loved. Have a great day!
MadSnapper said…
Bob hates that vine with a passion, it is beautiful and rampant down here, high on the pest list. every time he yanks if off the fence or removes it he gets that rash, once he used a weed wacker on it along the fence and it threw the juice in the air and rained on him. wow was that a mess. you probably ran Lucy June through it and the blades through the juice on you, sorry
Rambling Woods said…
I had never heard of it and now I know....Michelle

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