We Have Branches!

You're probably getting tired of hearing me get excited about our little tree, but I can't help it.  During the week, after the Pres got home one afternoon, I asked him to just walk around the yard with me to see how everything was coming along before we went in for supper.

When we got to the Sycamore, he said, "Hon, branches are beginning to form.  Look."

Trust me, they are tiny, but they ARE THERE and I am elated!

I had just finished mowing right before he pulled in so the yard looked great, something he always takes pride in.  Besides I HAD put Lucy June through her paces because last weekend, after I received the fuel filters I ordered, I asked the Pres to replace the one he blew out and put on a new one.  My girl Lucy did not let me down...she ran like a top...no coughing, no gagging, no spitting, no sputtering...she was like new again!!  Even the Pres was glad when I told him.

seeing, saying, sharing...

We Have Branches!!


Natures Notes


MadSnapper said…
Baby Branches are Beautiful. so is your grass and YAY for the non spitting mower
Ann said…
I can see one of the tiny little branches.

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