A Puddle

Beginning Wednesday night, the forecast said "rain".  We need it desperately.  As James knows, I rarely ever see "puddles" out where I live because the water soaks into the ground and all my beautiful green trees suck it up with their roots.  So, when I went "Eagle hunting" the other morning and pulled in a lot to park, I saw this puddle.  Before getting out my gear, I decided that before what was left was swallowed up by Mother Earth, I'd grab the shot.  This one's for you James!

seeing, saying, sharing...

(I Found )A Puddle

Weekend Reflection


Ginny Hartzler said…
You got some good reflections in there. This may mean that it will be just a bit wetter and safer for fireworks.
Ann said…
You should have jumped in it :) I always think of puddle jumping when I see one.

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