Anytime Is Soon

No kayaking for me last week.  Although I was looking forward to the Sunset Paddle, when the Pres got home Monday afternoon, he said, "Hey, I need to borrow your car tonight.  I have a meeting at the Club."

ME:  "Hon, I'm supposed to be going on a sunset paddle tonight.  I told you about it for a month.  Maybe I can give you a ride and then you can get a ride home.  What time will you be done?"

HIM:  "about 8:15 pm but I can't fit in your car with the kayak in it."

ME:  "How about if I unload my kayak, drop you early, come home, and reload my kayak?  You'd have to come pick me up after nine though."

The look on his face wasn't a good one which meant he didn't like the idea of me dropping him early which would leave him at the Club with no one around to chat and no food to eat.

ME:  "Or how about this?  You drop me off?"

That idea wasn't a good one either.  You see, if he drove me to my kayak destination, dropped me off, then I (and my kayak) wouldn't be able to get home.  It would be well after dark so waiting alone wouldn't have been a smart thing to do.

ME:  "Okay, I'll text Bill and tell him I can't make it."

A short time later he left with my car and I was home.  Later that night when I got in bed I said to myself,  "You did the right thing.  Besides, you can go kayaking anytime.  I think I'll go next week.  Night."

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Anytime Is Soon

Brian's Thankful Thursday


MadSnapper said…
does this mean you are a one car family? i am not so good about doing the Right Thing. you did it and did it well
I have to ask the question. What's wrong with his truck? Could nobody pick him up?
Ginny Hartzler said…
What a disapointment, and how tempting to just do what you wanted. But you sure did the right thing.
Ann said…
I'm wondering about his truck too. The way it always worked around here was that in situations like this it always ended up being the solution that worked best for him.

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