Bells of Vienna


The sound made by these chimes is absolutely AMAZING.  I first fell in love with their sound while at my daughter's.  Her staff bought them as a gift for her a few years ago.  Each time we visit them and the wind blows, they fill the air with CHI (life's energy).  Yes, according to the Chinese and in parts of Asia, wind chimes are thought to be good luck and used in Feng Shui (and yes, I still take Tai Chi).

Last year, for no reason, my daughter gave these to me while we were visiting.  When we got home I asked the Pres to put up another pulley on the pergola which is where they hang (in case of high winds so I can lower them keeping them out of harm's way).

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Bells of Vienna


Ann said…
I love the sound of windchimes. I like them all but the ones with a deep tone sound so much better to me than the ones with the higher pitched sound
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
They look beautiful!! Here in Oklahoma wind chimes don't last too long. Sounds like a good idea to be able to lower them rather than getting beat to death.
Lisa said…
Pretty. The woman I bought my house from left some hanging on a branch, which are still there. The neighbors never have complained about the sound, even though their bedroom is right near them. They do get tangled when the wind blows a lot.
Jim said…
I'd like to hear them. We've had quite a few wind chimes but some we've had to take down because they would wake us up at night.
The shadows are soft and delicate---perfect for contemplating on a lazy day.

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