Interrupted ME Time

Taking some "me time" the other morning, I returned to the river for some morning mist and a bit of a walk.  In fact, after I took this shot, I walked back to my car to put my camera away although I didn't get too far when I had to turn around, go back to the car and get the camera because...

there in Cove A I spotted the leutistic Bald Eagle which has been hanging around all Summer:

Done with those shots, I returned the camera to my car and began my walk...again UNTIL I spotted the Blue Blue Heron coming in from the East.  Watching it circle wide as it approached the Bald Eagle, it headed up river and landed in the trees.    Hmmmm????

So, back to the car I went, grabbed the camera and began to walk up river.  I think it landed in here somewhere...

There you go, in case you couldn't find it.  Meanwhile it was now time for me to head home, eat breakfast and become dolly domestic.   

seeing, saying, sharing...

Interrupted ME Time

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"Me time" is always a great thing, JP, as is always keeping your camera with you during your explorations. That said "domestic" time is not as fun or rewarding, except when it's completed.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Wonderful shots! But my very favorite is your beautiful misty first one. Oh, how lovely, peaceful and...well...misty! I think I would not be able to pull myself away.
Ann said…
Sounds like some awesome me time.
I have seen numerous leucistic birds, but never a Bald Eagle.
Hootin' Anni said…
Just plain wow. What starling discoveries.
Thanks for taking time to link in & share!!!
~Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'
eileeninmd said…
Great sighting of the Bald Eagle and the GB Heron. Love the foggy morning scene. Have a happy day!
Debbie said…
me time?? since i have been home from the hospital there has been none of that and i really miss it!! good thing i like my husband! hehehehe

i really love these misty mornings and the bald eagle is a beauty!!
Betty J. Crow said…
I'm jealous of your "me time". I do love mist in the morning. Makes for some interesting shots. And the eagle, WOW!

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