Quiet Company

It was early....very early...before 5:00 am, in fact.  I had just come upstairs after feeding Katniss and it was time for me to make MY coffee when I saw HER in the yard.  It was LOOSER and judging by her reaction, she detected my movements too.  Moments later, I saw her with one of her poults.

Trying to figure out what she was looking for, I didn't start the coffee but rather watched her instead.  Ahhh...finally...there it was!!  One of her poults had wandered off and she was not about to head out of the yard with it.

Looser had come in the yard with TWO and she was going to leave with TWO.  

Watching her walk over to the gate on the North side of the yard, I wondered how she would do.  She looked over her shoulder, waited patiently for the wanderer to catch up, then she ducked under the wooden fence.  Her two poults followed like good little turkeys.

NOW, I can make my coffee.

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Quiet Company


DeniseinVA said…
That is a wonderful way to start the day :)
Ginny Hartzler said…
What a sight! Though there are many in the area, I have never seen a turkey in the wild.
Michelle said…
How nice to see! We see turkeys often around our farm and hear them even more.
Ann said…
What a good mama she is
MadSnapper said…
precious post and poults

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