Too Empty Without YOU

Receiving an email from CT Audubon last week, I discovered that on the recommendation of both CT DEEP and CT Audubon saying that a mysterious illness has already caused many songbirds to die in TN, KY, OH, FL, VA, W VA, IN, parts of PA, MD and DEL that our bird feeders (including those for hummingbirds) be taken down, along with bird baths.

They should be cleaned thoroughly with a 10% bleach solution and left down until further notice to prevent the spread of the disease.

Precautionary steps include:

  • stop feeding birds and providing water
  • clean all feeders with 10% bleach solution
  • keep all pets away form dead birds as a precautionary measure
  • avoid handling any dead/injured birds and wear disposable gloves if you have to handle a bird

So the next morning I did just that...took everything down...feeders, baffles, bird baths and hummingbird feeders.  It broke my heart when all my birds came looking as soon as I stepped away.  Each time I looked out in the direction of my feeders, I found it so sad!

Sure, I know there is enough food for them this time of the year and I know it's for their own good (and ours) but it was still very SAD!!

It was my little hummingbirds that made me smile though as I saw them heading to the Monarda patches that are in and around the yard.  Then I saw the Bluebirds eating their fill of moths and bugs in the grass and the Phoebes diving after bugs in the air and the Easter Towhee swoop down into the grass too while the Catbirds gathered Japanese beetles and the Finches few in on the Echinacea.  

I know there's plenty of food.  Stay healthy, my little friends.

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Too Empty Without YOU



Ann said…
I just read the other day about them asking to take down the feeders in my area.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Yes, I have been reading about this. The starlings are laying dead on the streets. Well, at least it is summer and they can find their own food. Hopefully you can put things back out in the fall.
eileeninmd said…
It is awful, I was seeing the birds looking in the windows with sad faces. I felt so bad when I took down my feeders. It is good that in the summer months, they have so many bugs and natural seeds to eat.
Michelle said…
It is a sad time. I have taken down my feeders and I hate it! Here in KY, summer is a great time for feeding birds and I enjoy it. I will do whatever needed to try and help the bird population. Thank you for linking up and have a great weekend.
betty-NZ said…
I think it would break my heart, too! You are so strong, keep it up! I do hope things turn around for the little birds.

I'm so happy to see your link at My Corner of the World this week!

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