Until Next Year

After a dramatic end to the season, the young Eagle continues to be fed by the adults.  It appears healthy as I have seen it enjoying breakfast at the nest in the early morning hours.  Visits to this particular nest have come to an end, although I will still visit my friend.  Reaching out to others that live at the East end of the pond, they, too, have seen both the adults and the juvenile, giving me even more comfort that it will do well.  The juvenile will learn from the adults and then be ousted from the adults' territory later this year (Nov-Dec).  It will not be allowed to return.

Only 50% of successful Bald Eagle fledglings make it to the age of five, the age at which they will mate and reproduce.

At dusk, other than the peepers, crickets and occasional "blowing" of a deer, the pond environment is heavenly.

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Until Next Year

 Thankful Thursday

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MadSnapper said…
sad about the 50 percent
Ann said…
I agree with Sandra, that is sad that only 50% will make it to age 5

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