An Easy Explanation

Does anyone else out there ever feel like "dirt" is never ending?It seems as if as soon as I come into the kitchen, I'm grabbing a dishcloth and cleaning something...wiping the counter, the island, the stovetop, and all the nook and crannies where the dust collects.  In fact over the weekend, something told me to reach up and wipe the trim above the doorways.  Holy DUST accumulation!  After I saw what was on the rag after doing the first one, I just followed the hallway and got every gads!!  By the time I was done downstairs, I went upstairs to continue my plight....UGH!

My daughter and I had a conversation recently about how I want to be and love to be outside as much as possible. After dusting the doorways, I think I know why and am thankful that I prefer the great outdoors!!

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An Easy Explanation

Thankful Thursday


Brian said…
Dust and dirt sure takes on a life of its own, and it fights back!
Ann said…
You should have seen the dust I cleaned off the top of my refrigerator the other day YUCK
Ginny Hartzler said…
Well, after all, we are made of dust!

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