Silly Goose

 This is "Sovereign."  As most things in our house, it has a story.  Way back in 1802, when I worked at the bank, we were sent to PA to close down a few branches and their Safe Deposit areas.  Riding down with several co-workers, when we were nearing the destination branch, I saw this wooden goose on the sidewalk along with other items.  "Stop the car.  Back up.  Turn around and go back.  I have to have that goose.  It's beautiful!."  Knowing me all too well, they did as I asked.  Soon I was holding this wooden goose on my lap as we pulled into the bank parking lot.  

My BFF said, "Are you going to give it a name?"

"Yes.  I'm calling it Sovereign."  (after the bank we were closing for an upcoming merger/consolidation and sale.)

At Christmas, Sovereign gets a big red bow and is placed upstairs on top of my pie safe as a focal point for those who enter.  Normally Sovereign does not sit in the downstairs hall.  I was moving/rearranging furniture and placed it here so I could get a shot and tell it's story.

seeing, saying, sharing...

Silly Goose

Shadow Shot Sunday 2


Ginny Hartzler said…
He is wonderful, and I would have done the same thing. And what a clever name you gave him, tied into how you found him. He is a Canada Goose, and now I am thinking you must give him ribbons for all the holidays! Maybe put some eggs around him and a pastel bow for Easter, and an orange print one for fall.
Ann said…
What a fun find and the name is perfect.

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