The Checklist

Thinking back on the first time I paddled solo, I remember lying in bed the night before wondering if I'd remembered everything.  Now, after doing it for 12 years, it's much easier.  Almost all of my gear stays in my kayak and I just verify that it's on board before I hit the road.

It's a simple list for flat water paddling:


paddle leash (prevents loss of paddle)

PFD (personal floatation device aka life jacket)


bug shirt/sun hat

dry bag-change of clothes (under seat)

dry bag-first aide kit, bug spray, sunscreen, TP, bag for trash, compass, headlight, multi tool (under seat)



tow rope (attached inside)

dry bag (ID, car keys)

dry bag (cell phone)

seeing, saying, sharing...

The Checklist

with you and

Weekend Reflection

Skywatch Friday

OOPS!  I forgot to hit "pubish"....LOL!

seeing, saying, sharing...

The Checklist


Ginny Hartzler said…
Wow, good thing you have a list. I would never be able to remember all of this.
Ann said…
That's a lot of gear. Glad you have the routine all figured out.
James said…
Looks like fun and what a beautiful reflection!

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