The Morning "Duo"

Having a whole new appreciation and fondness for these busy and very chatty Kingfishers since going down to the river each morning, I wanted to do a little digging and find out a few things about them. 

According to Google, the Common Kingfisher is a symbol of LUCK because they can locate "hidden treasure" along riverbeds.  "They also represent WISDOM through their ability to dive deep into the water with determination and conviction in search of food...even though there is no guarantee that they will return with anything at all."  

After doing a little more research, I found out that they dig burrows out along the soft earthen banks of rivers either adjacent to or directly over water that doesn't freeze so food is readily accessible.  Although I was surprised that they do live near the woods, I learned that they eat frogs, earthworms,  fish, insects, spiders, centipedes and snakes...YUM!!  However in the past 10 years I have seen this river's surface freeze so I doubt they Winter here since the Northern populations usually migrate South.

Every morning...I am entertained by their skilled and almost incessant flying.  Then the chatting, perching and more chatting comes before more diving and flying.  Besides, we seem to have the same morning "doo"!

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The Morning "Duo"

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eileeninmd said…

The kingfishers are one of my many favorite birds. I love hearing them chatting. Take care, enjoy your day!
I never knew they dug burrows! Guess I never bothered to find out.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Great photo! We have hem here, and I love watching them also. But I did not know they dig burrows and eat snakes and frogs! Well, I guess they have the beak for it! I love their crazy hairdo.
Michelle said…
I didn't know this info about them!
Ann said…
interesting facts about them
Brian said…
They are very pretty and unique birds!
Hootin' Anni said…
Excellent!!! One of my all time favorite birds (all kingfishers)!! And such a moody, wonderful photo of your prize. Lovin' it.

Thanks for the interesting facts, and sharing with us.

~Anni @I'd Rather B Birdin'
Rambling Woods said…
We have had them bring their babies here to fish which is a treat....Michelle

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