Those Little Moments

After doing quite a bit in and around the yard earlier in the week, I felt like I needed a break.  Having mowed our lawn Monday afternoon because I was told "cut it long but cut it often" (actually every 3 days), pulled weeds in the garden beds Tuesday morning and mowed the "common piece" of our shared driveway early that afternoon, I needed to get away.   Late Tuesday afternoon, I went upstairs and said to the Pres, "I'm going to put my boat in the water.  If there are a lot of people, I'll be back right away.  If there are not a lot of people, I'll be back whenever."

I was only planning on scooting down to the river to check out a hunch.  The breeze was out of the South and against my back when I put in which was, refreshing, invigorating in the late day sun.  When I got to the outer edge of the cove, I pulled up right next to a dead fallen tree protruding from the water and just floated, resting my paddle across the kayak.  Sometimes a girl needs to just stop and take it all in...sights and sounds.

seeing, saying, sharing...

Those Little Moments


Jim said…
Good capture.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Great find, looks like a zebra type Dragonfly!
What a beautiful moment you captured!
Ann said…
Sounds like you deserved that me time
Brian said…
Nature is so good for the soul!
Greetings and Salutations! Being quiet. Taking a rest. It can be the BEST time to take photographs. I adore this image of a dragonfly. Perhaps it is resting too? Have a nice week end.

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